Flash Fiction – May 2018

FlashFicPHOTOLiberty bridge in Budapest, Hungary with people walking on it. D

Kara leaned against the railing and stared across the water. She could hardly believe that it had been so many years since she’d been back. It seemed like forever ago and yesterday. 

The wind picked up and Kara’s hair swirled around her face. The memories were both beautiful and painful, but mostly welcome. The sunset lit the sky in shades of purple and pink. Her dress matched the scenery today with some soft blues and greens thrown in.

“Excuse me, miss?”

Kara turned.

“Would you mind taking a photo of us?” The young man’s grin was blinding. Kara still remembered the excitement of young love, even if she wasn’t quite so young these days.

“Of course.” She took the phone the young man handed her and snapped a photo of the young couple. They thanked her and continued to walk along the bridge, stealing glances at one another.

God, Kara missed him. Their story wasn’t perfect. In between those moments of hurt and anger and frustration, the love was pure. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to last. 

Tucking her memories back into their compartments, Kara took one more long look over the water, sighed, and walked away.

And so ends my first foray into Flash Fiction. It’s a little short and a little unfinished, but it felt good to get back to writing.

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