And, yes, that is all one word. I just said so.

Have you ever had one of those weeks that drains you completely? I’ve had more than a few lately. And it seems that I have stress coming at me from several different angles: work, home, personal relationships. Yuck. Stress is one of the few things that I don’t need more of…

Tonight, I am engaging in a little bit of wine therapy (WITH the new wine jammies – FYI). I’m trying a new cab, using my “This [outline of a cat face] grabs back” glass (one of my most favorite Xmas gifts), and listening to 00’s pop music (last weekend was 90’s pop). In short, I have no idea how the evening will end, but I will be decompressing. It’s one of those unhealthy coping mechanisms (Hey – I go to the gym during the week!).

We all have those habits that either are destructive or have the potential to be destructive. So, how do we get past that? I think we don’t. We do the best we can with what we have. If you find yourself spiraling or if you feel that things are falling apart, reach out to someone (anyone). It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment (especially when anxiety kicks in), and more often than not we can easily fix the seemingly unfixable.

Nothing is unfixable. You are not unfixable. We are all capable of anything – at least, that’s what I choose to believe. Sometimes, it’s a belief or a hope that pulls you through those moments of doubt and unease.

So. I believe in me. And I believe in you.

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