Song-spiration – Slow and Steady by Of Mice and Men


Slow and Steady – Of Monsters and Men

Inspiration comes in many forms. Sometimes, it’s a word or a feeling or a moment. Other times, it is a song. Today’s prompt was the song “Slow and Steady” by Of Mice and Men.

She didn’t look in the rearview mirror once. This trip was all about moving forward. There couldn’t be any looking back. Cameron worked too hard for this very moment to let it go to waste. Once she crossed over the boundaries of her former stomping grounds into the unknown, a feeling of peace washed over her. She turned up the radio and rolled down the windows.

“I’m letting go, but I’ve never felt better.” Those words spoke to her as she sang along as loud as she could. At some point, the tears came. Cameron didn’t even bother to wipe her eyes. They would just fill up again. And letting the tears fall as she screamed lyrics to her favorite songs into universe felt freeing. There may have been some odd looks from other motorists, but no one else had power over her self worth. Not any longer.

Cameron drove until the gas gauge was perilously low. Then, she stopped at a travel center to relieve herself, take a walk, get some gas, and grab some gas station junk food for a meal. She could eat whatever she wanted. In fact, she grabbed a few more candy bars at the register for later.

Walking back to her car, Cameron reflected on the time it had taken for her to finally wake up and get the hell out of her situation. It was almost embarrassing, but she refused to be embarrassed. Everyone had a struggle. No one wanted to believe that she had any problems. That was a huge part of her problem. Now, she was ready to start over.

Thinking back on the song that began her journey, Cameron thought about starting over “Slow and Steady.” Of Mice and Men were on to something. She had to keep moving. It may have meant leaving some people behind, but they would be fine. And Cameron wouldn’t have survived had she stayed much longer. No – this is exactly what was supposed to happen.

Cameron climbed back into her car. She took a moment to look around at the sunshine and the field across the street. There were a couple of dogs running around and chasing some children. This. This was what she was missing. Life.

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