Your Email is What?

Sit down, grab your coffee or beer or water or whatever, and get comfortable for just a minute (well, technically, it may be longer depending on your reading speed).

I had someone ask me for my email address today. Which is…normal-ish. It was about this new blog-related venture, so I gave the email address and the website address. Now, I didn’t think anything of it until I got a response. She loved it. And I loved that she loved it because I love it.

A short conversation transpired wherein I shared my idea that I think we are all really bad adults. No one is a good adult. If you think you are a good adult, then you are terrible at assessing yourself and have some soul-searching. Why? Because there is no rule book for life. There is no absolute right or wrong (my parents will cringe if they ever read this!). Most lives are lived in a multitude of grays.

So. How do you combat this “Really Bad Adult” situation? Don’t fight it. Explore your weaknesses. Be open to constructive criticism and able to walk away from people/things/situations that are counter-productive to a happy, healthy life. Just be aware. And ALWAYS be kind. Even the smallest kindness can warm the iciest heart and really, truly bring joy to another person.

Go out in the world and be a bad adult. Enjoy life as you choose. Make your choices and accept the consequences (good or bad). Then, make more choices. It’s not over until it’s over. So keep living and adulting poorly while you still have the chance!

Also, you know where to find me if you ever want to feel a little better about your choices.


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