Flash Fiction – August 6, 2018


Okay, guys. It’s that time again. There’s one picture for inspiration. There’s more than one blogger to inspire. Result: some really amazing stories. Check out my take below! I’ve also linked to the other bloggers at the end, so that you can enjoy what we all came up with.

tale. fantastic redhead girl in a mysterious forest
tale. fantastic redhead girl in a mysterious forest

Never one to follow rules, Marla leisurely strolled through the woods during what should have been her work day. What was a life you didn’t enjoy? Misery. Marla lived her share of misery. Now, these were the days of feeling: joy, laughter, excitement, lust, love, disappointment, and contentment. Her life wasn’t perfect, but she was living the damn thing like it was her only one.

Pausing to let the sunlight filter through the foliage, Marla spun in a small circle embracing the warmth and the sense of peace that filled her each time she ventured into these woods. There was something magical about this place. The twittering of birds and nattering of woodland creatures brought a smile to her face and a warmth to her heart. Marla twirled again, and…warm. Nope, not warm. Hot. Her heart. Her chest. What? The shining rays of the sun were the last sight she had before being gently laid on the forest floor.

“Is she awake?”

“Do I look like a fecking doctor to ya? Jaysus. I dinna know.”

“She’s breathing. That means it musta worked, right?”

“Oh, right. Coz I’ve done this many a time afore.”

“You have?”

“No, I haven’t, ya twit. Whatcha think I’m goin ta say? This is our last chance. It has to work.” Those last words were breathed ever so quietly into the universe, almost a prayer.   Almost.

Marla was afraid to open her eyes. She kept listening to the banter and attempting to categorize the accent. That’s what she did when she felt the anxiety creeping up on her. Categorize. Organize. List. How did she feel? Fine, okay, nervous, uninjured, confused. Who were these strange men? Were they murderers, kidnappers, friends, one of those guys in a meet cute that would be her love interest and treat her like a princess, a drug addict…

“Oy, she ain’t sleepin. Her heart rate is much too much for all a that.”

Devin was right. Gael paused to watch the beautiful woman’s chest rise and fall at an alarming rate. Could he even help her? She wouldn’t possibly understand what they needed from her or why. He leaned in slowly, inhaling her most appealing and altogether feminine scent.

“I know ya ain’t sleepin, lass. You appear to be in some sort o distress. Can I help ya? We ain’t wantin to hurt ya.”

Gathering every last vestige of courage available, Marla squared her shoulders and sat straight up. Before any biting commentary could leave her lips, she found herself staring into the face of the single most gorgeous man she had ever laid eyes on. All thought left her brain, and she turned into one of those mall girls.

“I. No. Hi. What? Holy fuck, you’re hot.”

Said hottie grinned and it was like the sun shining on the hottest, most beautiful day of the year. Was that a choir of angels in the background? Maybe her luck had changed.

“I’m not sure what you’re luck was afore, but there is most certainly no choir singin. Did ya hit your head? I tried ta catch ya as ya fell.”

Oh, shit. She’d said all of that out loud.

“You sure did. Are ya sure you didn’t hitchore head?”

What were these words? Was he speaking English? Obviously, she was dreaming. By the looks of this hunk, it was one of those dreams that ends with her feeling VERY satisfied.

“Erm. You’re still talkin out loud. Are ya shore ya didn’t hit your head?” The hottie was now blushing an almost neon shade of red. At this point, the only thing Marla could do was own it.

“Well, I didn’t think that I hit my head, but maybe I did. I don’t usually speak so bluntly. And, to be fair, I thought I was thinking all of those words. That I said. Before. In my head. But not.”

Smooth, Marla was not. But her point was conveyed. She really did think Gael was a hottie. I mean, he got his fair share of female attention, but this particular female was on a completely different level. Gael stared boldly into her eyes and…sneezed.

The sweet sound of laughter coupled with a snort brought him up short.

“Did you just snort?”

“Ha. Sure did. I try to be all ladylike and stuff, but I can never seem to make it work. It’s just not me. And I snort. Like, a lot.”

In that moment, Gael knew that this female was the one that would save them. And him. She was it.

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