Seriously? Installment #7,546 of WTF.

So, I have decided that dating as an established adult is weird. I know this. I also know that I am weird. Awkward. Whatever you want to call it. BUT – and this is an important but – I am worth so much. Effort. Time. Attention. All of that.

It’s a weird feeling to be communicating with another adult, then suddenly have no communication. Like, how rude is that? Of course, I am aware of the whole ghosting thing, but seriously? To me, that feels like someone has absolutely no respect for you or your time. I gave you something that I can’t get back (time), so I think I am deserving of some sort of communication. If I am not feeling a situation or a person, I attempt to make it a priority to respond. Let them know where you stand. That is just being a good human. We may not be a match, but I value you and the time that you’ve given me.

When did we become so self-centered? Of course, these interactions are awkward, but they are warranted. I’m trying to adhere to a “Good Vibes” policy. I’m not perfect and I am not afraid to “cut a bitch,” but I like to try and send out as many good vibes as I can. Be the best human you can be. You never know when that particular interaction is one that has a lasting effect on someone.

We are a society that is so quick to judge, so quick to cut someone down. Why? What does it hurt to compliment someone or lift them up? It shouldn’t hurt at all. It is my hope that I am raising a daughter that will seek out the best in everyone and maintain a positive attitude. I know it’s tough – I struggle every day – but it’s worth it.

I want people to think of me and think – “she made me smile” or “she brightened my day.” That is my current life goal. Not money or success or a perfect relationship, but to be a light to someone that is living in darkness, even if just for a moment.

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